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  • Boelter SuperStore Experts
Amy - Boelter SuperStore Manager
Amy SuperStore Manager

Amy has been a part of the SuperStore team since 2010, and she became our leader in the spring of 2013. She has worn many hats in her foodservice career—from salad prep, to waitress, to hostess, to outside sales representative. Growing up in the restaurant business and spending years as a mom who loves to entertain; Amy understands the needs of virtually all SuperStore customers.

Did you know: Amy has five daughters, and they are really, really loud.

Bob Harrer - Boelter SuperStore Equipment and Furniture Sales
Bob Equipment and Furniture Sales

Bob has been a part of the Boelter team for twenty-seven years. His product knowledge, his ability to solve problems, and his attention to detail make him the team member the team members go to. Experienced in equipment and furniture sales, and always looking for ways to partner efficiency with cost savings, Bob is the perfect guy to get your kitchen and dining room up and running.

Did you know: In his spare time Bob likes to fix cars. He once had a car that made it to 314,000 miles.

Maggie Hoy - Boelter SuperStore Associate
Maggie SuperStore Associate

Maggie joined the Boelter SuperStore team in July of 2014. She has worked in the foodservice business since she was 15, and held almost every position a restaurant has to offer, including Sous Chef. She also loves to cook at home. Maggie is very happy about her transition to the distribution side of the restaurant industry. She has firsthand experience using virtually all of Boelter’s products. If you want to know how a piece of equipment, a chef knife, or a cleaning solution performs...Maggie will tell you.

Did you know: Maggie used to crew in high school.

Bambi - Boelter SuperStore Associate
Bambi SuperStore Associate

Growing up on an 80 acre dairy farm in Wausau, Wisconsin, Bambi learned the fundamentals of cooking and hospitality. Spending time tagging merchandise and standing in as a clothing model in her grandfather’s department store, she learned the importance of customer service and inventory management. Bambi brings the SuperStore a long history with the food and retail industries. She is an exceptional cook and baker, a former caterer, dining room manager, buyer, and communications director. She believes in growing her own garden, shopping at farmers markets, eating local, and connecting with people.

Did you know: Bambi drove a tractor at age ten, she makes an outstanding pie crust, and yes, her given name is Bambi.

Krysta - Boelter SuperStore Associate
Krysta SuperStore Associate
Krysta joined the Boelter SuperStore team in 2016. Before coming on board, Krysta earned a degree in Interior Design and spent 15 years working in the retail industry. Recently she switched gears to the foodservice industry, managing Fiddleheads Coffee Roasters in Mequon before joining us at Boelter. In her spare time, Krysta loves to cook and will try to make anything at least once. She and her spouse even spoil all their pets with homemade treats.
Did you know: In high school, Krysta wanted to be an opera singer, until she found out doctors would need to reset her jaw for her to go pro.
Catherine - Boelter SuperStore Events Manager
Catherine SuperStore Associate - Special Events Manager
Catherine’s biggest regret as a child was never owning an easy bake oven. Consequently, she was forced to learn to cook in her family’s real kitchen, and credits her mother and Julia Child as her greatest culinary inspirations. Before joining Boelter, Catherine worked as a Catering Director, an Event Coordinator, and finally spent 21 years as a Nanny. She is an avid home cook who is passionate about taking care of people. Married with three children, she is happiest when she has a house full of people with happy bellies. 
Did you know: A lifetime in the making, Catherine is writing her own cookbook featuring her personal recipes.
Cathy - Boelter SuperStore Associate
CATHY SuperStore Associate

Cathy is the most recent addition to the SuperStore team, bringing with her experience in customer service, special events, and catering. Cathy comes from a family of Wisconsin cheesemakers; her grandfather, father, and brothers all made cheese. While helping her family with their dairy products, she was able to meet customers face-to-face in their store. This store is where she learned the importance of providing the best service at all times. In her spare time, Cathy enjoys dining at local restaurants, especially those run by Boelter customers!

Did you know? Cathy was thrown into the fire on her first day of work while preparing for the SuperStore Annual Clearance Sale, possibly the quickest route to becoming familiar with the Boelter inventory possible!